Brief: A short documentary celebrating a "culture of generosity" by sharing stories of effective philanthropic donation. The aim is to inspire prospective philanthropists.
Background: Pōneke/Wellington based charity, The Gift Trust facilitate philanthropic. We wanted to emphasise the humanism of working with a non-profit (as opposed to a bank or investment portfolio) for creating effective philanthropy. 
The documentary format allowed us to celebrate the real stories of grass-roots organisations supported by a donor of The Gift Trust. It was important not to make a sales pitch and let the awesome mahi groups like Kaibosh and The Learning Environment speak for itself as inspiration for charitable giving.
How is the client using it? The Gift Trust have this as their homepage video, to share these inspiring stories with all new potential clients/donors. They are also using it to at conferences and with meetings with new clients to share the culture they are trying to cultivate.
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