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What I do:
I'm a Taranaki and Pōneke/Wellington based film director and videographer. 
I'm values driven and tell the stories of organisations whose kaupapa are driven by an appetite for social and environmental justice. 
I don't just talk about these things through film - I'm actively engaged in regenerative agriculture, growing food and community in Taranaki. 
I'm work with varied clients and am empathetic to the budget restraints many in these sectors often have!
I also work on my own projects (currently a documentary about an immigrant couple who are quietly planting tens of thousands of native trees by hand) and the odd music video. 
My values:
I believe in the interconnectedness of the challenges we face inside and outside of Aotearoa. Food waste cannot be disentangled from child poverty. Child poverty cannot be considered in isolation from colonisation. Colonisation cannot be unwoven from the ecological, biodiversity and climate crises we face. And so on.
I am working on my own projects - currently a documentary about an immigrant couple who are quietly planting tens of thousands of trees by hand.
How did I end up here?
My background is in film. In a huff of disillusion I "quit the biz" to find ways to actively contribute to making positive changes in the world. I had been a production manager and director. I worked on everything from feature films, short films, documentaries, virtual reality films, web-series advertisements, events videos and music videos.
A long journey through volunteering on organic farms, seed-saving and ecological restoration projects in Montenegro, Ireland, Morocco, France and Aotearoa eventually led me to regenerative agriculture. An ecologically driven farming framework that aims to combat climate change while rebuilding and feeding local communities.
So I now find myself with the unique title of "farmer-filmmaker." While initially appearing at odds with eachother, they both are driven by the same desires to change the world for the better.
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